Missing in Action

Posted on August 03 2017

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my first blog. I wanted to share with you my personal journey over the past few weeks. I did share this on Facebook & Instagram yesterday but I thought it was a great way to kick off my first blog post.....with some real honesty.  I am quite private with my feelings so this was a hard one for me. But sometimes being so many things, too so many people and having lots responsibilities sucks and can be really tough. I'm not unique or special because of this. Just wanted to share.. Anyways...hope you enjoy.

Love Chantell xx

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little ‘missing in action’ over the past few weeks on social media. Social Media is how we connect with our customers. I feel like I’ve really let everyone down over the past few weeks as my posts have been less than consistent & all over the place.  So where do I even begin. Well, firstly I’m back! The past few weeks have been massive and I’ve been struggling with juggling being a mother, a wife, a friend, a business owner, working full time in Soho, running social media, my home is a complete mess & let’s just say that spaghetti bolognese and toasties have been on the menu quite a bit of late (sorry family) and just basically keeping my life together. Nothing bad has happened. Sometimes things just get on top of you…winter has got me good. Please hurry up spring…I need some sunshine. I’m sure most of you know that I would much rather be behind the camera or in the back ground. I hate posting photos of myself. But I’m stepping out of my comfort zone & putting myself out there to say thank you! Because I am always so grateful for your support. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. I also have some amazing gal pals who have rallied around me and lifted me up again. Where would I be without you girls??? Thank you for all of your support, messages, ideas and love. Time to start kicking some goals and planning some great things for the rest of 2017 #shineshineshine #love #smile 💐& 📷 @voguenatureflorist


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